Current weather conditions at Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, Spain

41º13'13"N 1º43'3"E - 16 meters above sea level

As of: 14/07/20   0:51 UTC (local time is UTC+2) - Data upload every five minutes

Temperature: 23.9°C Dewpoint: 19.4°C
Humidity: 76% Wind Chill: 23.9°C
Wind: NW at 4.8 km/hr THW Index: 25.1°C
Barometer: 1014.4 hPa and Steady Heat Index: 25.1°C
Today's Rain: 0.0 mm Monthly Rain: 0.0 mm
Storm Total: 0.0 mm Yearly Rain: 417.2 mm
Current Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/hr

The sun rises at 4:33 UTC and sets at 19:25 UTC - Moon phase: Last Quarter

Forecast:  Increasing clouds with little temperature change.

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